4 Health Threats to Your Pug Dog Lifespan!

Your pug dog is an adorable member of your family. You want it to be healthy and happy. It is vital for you to ensure you take your pug for his or her health regular check-ups. In this way, you can arrest the early signs of health threats that are fatal enough to take away the life of your pug!

the lifespan of a pug

4 Health threats to your pug that can result in death!

Taking care of your pug is your responsibility and duty. Here is a great post explained very well about how long do pugs live on average. Your pug dog span can be cut short if he or she succumbs to the following four health threats that can result in death-

Neurological problems

This is the major cause of death of your pug dog as it affects its nervous system. The nervous system of your dog includes its nerves, spinal cord and brain. Your pet can fall prey to what is known as the pug dog encephalitis that results in inflammation of the brain that causes seizures, inability to control muscles and lethargy. Research is being conducted on this disease that only affects pugs.

Dog Cancer

This is the second cause of death for pugs. It is a typical form of cancer that brings on skin tumours, tumours in the mammary glands if female and tumours in the testicles if male. Other symptoms of lymphoma and mouth cancer are caused due to the above. Tumours in the mast cells also affect pugs, and this hinders their movement. Inflammation takes place in the cells and reduces the immunity of your pet.


The pug is highly susceptible to skin infections and diseases like distemper and parvovirus. They reduce the pug dog lifespan and can be very painful to your pet. Other diseases and illnesses associated with your pug dog include fungal infections, protozoal disease and bacterial infection. The wrinkles of your pug might succumb to skin infections; however, they are not fatal. Similarly, you may treat staph infections that are often caused by allergies.

Congenital diseases

Any illness or disease that your pug might have at birth is termed congenital. This might be a heart defect, stenosis (abnormal and narrow body passage) and septal defect that results in an improper flow of blood. It is here that you need to take critical care of your pug from birth. Ensure that it gets its regular health check-ups. Proper attention also needs to be given to it when it comes to food and diet.

Pug Breed

Your pug dog is a playful and happy companion. He or she is a vital part of your family. Take care of its needs. Grooming is essential as it has many wrinkles on its face that are subject to mild to chronic infections. Regular brushing helps you to keep your pug clean. In case of tumours, watch out as pugs tend to have tumours in more than one part of their bodies. If you are not careful, the mast cells are affected, and your pet fails to respond well to allergies and other forms of illnesses.


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